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Lakeridge Association

Lakeridge Association

Rules and Regulations

Lakeridge Association Rules and Regulations

The 13-acre Lakeridge Recreation Area is jointly owned by the members of the Lakeridge Association (the “Association”).  “Member” or “Members” are property owners who have paid all dues and assessments and are in good standing with the Association. The Association was developed in 1962 through the hard work and ingenuity of several dedicated people for the benefit of its Members.  The responsibility for its preservation and further development lies within each Member. 

Each Member of the Association, upon being accepted into membership, must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association in effect at the time the Member joins, and any subsequent amendments thereto. Pursuant to the Bylaws of the Association, the Board of Directors has the responsibility to prepare, adopt, and enforce rules and regulations concerning the conduct and activities of the Association and its membership. Such rules and regulations shall not be in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation or the Bylaws.

Any Member, after acquiring membership, may designate, in writing, to the Secretary of the Association, an individual occupying the building site who shall be qualified by such written designation to be the person to exercise the rights and privileges of the Member’s membership in this Association.



The Board of Directors of the Association is authorized to suspend membership privileges for a period of up to one year for any Member, Member’s family, or guest(s) who causes any damages or loss to any Association property, or continually disregards the rules and regulations of the Association as determined by the Board of Directors. Suspension may exceed one year as directed by the majority vote of the general membership. Before suspending a Member, the Board of Directors shall conduct a hearing during any regularly scheduled or special meeting, which shall be open to the general membership. Notice of a suspension will be forwarded to each Member of the Association. The effective date of suspension shall be the date of notification by hand delivery or three-days after mailing by certified U.S. Mail. Suspension of privileges to use Association facilities will not act to suspend or waive the Member’s responsibility to pay annual dues.

Suspended Members, including their guests and invitees, shall not use or access Association facilities during the duration of the suspension. Any Member or their guests who use Association facilities during the suspension period will be considered trespassers.

The following is a list of the Lakeridge Association’s facilities:

  • Lake with the surrounding walking path and contiguous property
  • Member main dock
  • Beachfront area 
  • Pavilion and patio area
  • Barbeque pit
  • Picnic Area and tables 
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground
  • West lawn (volleyball area)
  • Parking lot

* last revised 2021-10-04


1 .1 Members must be present on-site and are responsible for the conduct of their invitees and guest

1.2 Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and conduct of minors at all times

1.3 Pavilion, recreation area, and parking lot hours: 7:00 AM-10:00 PM

1.4 Members are responsible for personal property loss, damage or injury incurred while using Association facilities

1.5 Each Member assumes responsibility for maintaining the facilities’ property.

1.6 Any misconduct, damage, vandalism, illegal activities, and excessive noise should be reported to the Police immediately and the Board of Directors.

1.7 Report any damage, health, safety, electrical, malfunctions, or other issues immediately to the general inbox:

1.8 The Board of Directors of the Association is authorized to suspend membership privileges for a period of up to one year for any member, member’s family, or guests found causing any damage, or loss to any Association property, or continually disregarding rules and regulations of the Association

1.9 Any repair, maintenance, alterations to, or property improvements should be brought to the Board’s attention for discussion and approval. Members should not take actions into their own hands prior to Board approval.


2.1 Please see

2.2 Pavilion Reservation Policy Pavilion reservations may be made by any Member in good standing

2.3 Use of the Pavilion is on a “first to reserve” basis.  Pavilion reservation requests are accepted only by completing the online website Pavilion Reservation Form

2.4 Notwithstanding a group reservation, the common property is open to all members at all times.

2.5 Clean-up and conduct are the responsibility of the Member.

2.6 Place all trash in black receptacles and all recyclables in purple bins                         

2.7 No food, Styrofoam, or plastic bags are to be placed in purple recycle bins.

2.8 All Association-owned items should be properly cleaned and returned to the shed after use.

2.9 Glass of any kind is prohibited in the pavilion or common ground area.

2.10 BBQ Grill Instructions for Use.

2.10.1 The grill is designed for the charcoal to be placed on the top of the bars, with the charcoal catcher tray underneath.  

2.10.2 The wire sheets are then placed on top of the grill, there is a cutout for the sheet. The food is cooked on the wire sheets, not the steel grill where the charcoal goes. 

2.10.3 As the charcoal burns, the ash is collected in the tray.  Once the charcoal in the tray is cold, scoop up the ash and dispose of it in the metal trash can located in the housing of the grill.

2.10. 4 Once the metal 2-gallon ash can is full, then dispose of the COLD ash in the black trash bin


3.1 Except as required for disability mobility, property maintenance and emergency vehicles, all motorized vehicles (including e-bikes and scooters) are prohibited on the beach, in the pavilion, or common areas (including the lake path).

3.2 Water-related activities 

3.2.1 Swimming, boating, ice skating, fishing, and all other water-related activities are at the Members’ own risk. By engaging in such activities on the Association property, such Member releases the Association from any and all liability.

3.2.2 Diving is strictly prohibited as the lake is shallow.

3.2.3 There are no lifeguards on duty at the lake.  Swim at your own risk.

3.2.4 It is recommended that everyone wears a life jacket when swimming or boating.

3.2.5 Lakeridge Association takes no responsibility for any consequences, losses, or damages arising from water-related activities.

3.3 Watercraft (boats, canoes, paddle boards, etc.)

3.3.1 Non-motorized watercraft are permitted on the lake. Exceptions are “no wake” electric watercraft.

3.3.2 Main dock: overnight mooring is prohibited.

3.3.3 All watercraft should be removed from the lake by November 1. 

3.3.4 Lakeridge Association Watercraft Rack Policy

3.4 Permits

3.4.1 Member Dock – Eligible Member homeowners adjacent to the lake, wishing to install a permanent or temporary dock structure, at their expense, along Association property are required to apply for a Member Dock Permit. Please inquire by contacting with the subject line: LA Member Dock Policy.20210913.

3.4.2 Lake Irrigation Pump – The Lakeridge Association Board of Directors, at a meeting in August 2002, adopted a Lake Irrigation Permit policy permitting member homeowners adjacent to Wolcott lake, at their expense, to utilize lake water to irrigate abutting property owned by the Association. The Board subsequently approved in April 2005, the use of lake water for irrigation of homeowner’s property for an annual fee.  Eligible Members wishing to irrigate from the lake are required to apply for a Wolcott Lake Irrigation Permit. Please inquire by contacting with the subject line: Wolcott Lake Irrigation Permit.

3.4.3 Other:  Eligible Member homeowners adjacent to Lakeridge Property; wishing to install a fence, plant/cut/trim tree(s) on Lakeridge property please inquire by contacting: with the subject line: Lakeridge Property Landscaping Permit.

3.5 Glass of any kind is prohibited.

3.6 Bicycles are permitted on the lake pathway but must yield to pedestrians. Notify pedestrians if approaching from behind before passing.

3.7 All dogs shall be kept on a leash.

3.8  Pets’ owners must clean up all pet waste and dispose of it properly.

3.9 Use of the fire inserts (cuts out on the pavilion walls) for fires is prohibited.

3.10 Feeding wildlife is prohibited.

3.11 The Association regards the lake and common grounds as an “urban sanctuary”; hunting, taunting, or injuring wildlife is strictly prohibited.

(last revised 10/4/2021)

Lakeridge Association

Lakeridge Association is a volunteer membership based not for profit social and recreational club with an annual fee open to households within the re-subdivision of Wolcott Lake.

4580 W. Lakeridge Rd.

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